Monday, January 30, 2012

Charity Auction Cathayan Ogre [WHFB]

Another (much more recent) figure I did for a charity auction ran by the Warhammer Forum.  I wanted to create a Cathayan Themed model that could be ran as a Maneater or real sexy unit champ. In this case I wanted the conversions to not be over the top and more natural.  I also went for a more (As far as style in relation to how I paint Ogres) blended skin tone, still leaving some heavy contrast to bring out some of figure muscle tone. Also, I am really pleased with the rust effects I achieved. 

One of the first...

Friday, January 27, 2012

Lost and the Damned | Big Muties [WH40K]

Big Muties from my LATD Army... "Big" time fun from my bits box.  OOP GUO heads and bits, Ork Bits and loads of green stuff.

Monday, January 23, 2012

TAU Broadsides [WH40K]

A couple of fairly simple Tau Broadsides conversions I did up a while ago. Client wanted the pair to be different but still "linked" in theme.  And a shoulder gun like Predator on one of them. Lots of pinning for Strength, etc. My favorite is the one firing missiles, reminds me of "Robotech".  Heck all the Tau stuff has a Robotech thing going.  I remember watching Robotech on a grainy VHS tape (sigh...).

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bretonnian Crusaders [WHFB]

Just before the release of 8th Edition, I was working on a Brettonian Army that was themed around the Crusades, 1/2 the Army was to be Crusading Knights, Pilgrims, and the like. The other half was to be Araby themed [converted from GW figs and still using Bret rules for the units, etc. "Enemy of My Enemy" was the working title for the army.  I had built most of the Araby Stuff, which I will post once I wrangle up the pictures. Then 8th ed. came out so the project sat...and sat.. then went on ebay to build the coffers for some WAB action. From the Bret side of the army, I did manage to build the Grail Knight unit... I really wanted to capture the fury of a Zealous Charge...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Adepticon Charity Auction Figure [WH40K]

I was asked to contribute a painted miniature for a charity auction at Adepticon 2006. All contributing artists were to paint the same miniature, that being one of the free minis you get with you paid admission to the event.  Frankly, I am not the best painter so I was surprised to be asked [however, I have, IMHO, greatly improved since this, hopefully that will show in future posts of more recent work...]. The Model was a lovely IG themed female officer, although a very small and detailed figure.  I typically do not paint something so fiddly, so this was a challenge for me.  And someone did indeed buy it, so a win for everybody.

"Hey you!"  Note that I cleaned up her right thigh after seeing the
figure 3X normal size in this picture.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Navajo and Pueblo Warriors [28mm Historical]

A involved conversion project for a client's Western Themed 28mm Historicals collection.  8 total models, 1 of the Historical Navajo Leader  Manuelito, 4 Navajo Warriors, and 2 Pueblo Warriors. Each model was to have a mounted and dismounted version.  This was fairly daunting, but a fun challenge. The client provided me links to research as well as some imagery to go on. There were very specific basing requirements also.  I based the models on Foundry models, which conveniently came in mounted/dismounted pairs, I mainly reposed and added the correct kit as required.  As this was my first attempt at historical wargaming conversion as well as "realistic" horses, so I didn't want screw it up to say the least. I also painted this project, so I had to look up blanket colors, etc.   Pictures show a WIP (at various level) and then a Completed shot of each Warrior. Thanks for Looking.

Pueblo 1 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

...and you never know what you will be asked to do. Voodoo Priest [WHFB]

The fun of doing commission work (besides a little coin to blow on toy soldiers) is that you will make things you never would normally do for your own collection.  So with that said, here is a Orc Voodoo Priest and Goblin Witch Doctor that I was asked to do.  The priest was to look like the Voodoo dude (same actor as the un-cola man from old 7up commercials, which you would know if you were a fossil like me) from the James Bond movie "Live and let Die". Witch Doctor was supposed to look "nasty".  For the Priest I used an ogre body as the base, and the with doctor has a zombie (or maybe a ghoul, I  forget) body as the base.  I did these over a weekend as the client needed them right away, so it was a bit of a rush job. 

Voodoo Priest

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Imperial Guard Roughriders [WH40K]

Another commission. Goal was to make IG roughriders that didn't look like Cossacks, just saying...

1/2 the squad... I am especially pleased with how the Sergeant and Vox Caster figures turned out. I wanted to make the hunting lances look like they could actually be practicable, as in they would be broken down somehow to carry when you weren't trying to shove them in an orifice of a ork tank during a charge.  You can see the lances in the broken down configuration on the Command figures.  I try to add a lot of detail that makes sense, for example the 2nd figure from the right has a grenade launcher stowed in his kit and has the appropriate ammo slung also. IMHO, consistent detail that is not over the top wins every time. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Orgyn Sized Chimera [WH40K]

A commission piece. Goal was an "IG Chimera that could actually carry 5 Ogryn".  This was a ton of fun to do (I love 40K Vehicles). I think it turned out pretty solid...

Concept Sketch that I sent to the client for approval.  For any large (or $$$) commission I will work up sketches in order ensure the client and I are on the same sheet, so to speak... Notice I will double up the tracks to give it a wider stance to counter the increased height.

Khorne Ogres [WHFB]

Here are some WIP|Tutorial Shots of a Khorne marked Chaos Ogre unit conversion. Goal was to create a themed unit and have the weapons look like they would work as regular or great weapons:

Here are they basic components for each ogre...I built up the bases in order to give a solid base to build up rocky outcroppings onto.  I pinned the hands on in order to check poses, etc. plus it helps to strengthen the figures for game usage. The axe head is made from plasticard, the skull is an old GW shield Boss. I wrapped the handle with thread to simulate leather/cord wrappings. The small metal rings can be found at Michael's or the like in the jewelry section (they are a great accent bit, IMHO).

Greek City States [WAB]

Well, have to start somewhere...
Here are some shots of my Greek City States army I built for the 2010 Adepticon WAB Singles Events.  Army was created out of the original Armies of Antiquities supplement using Gorgon, Foundry, Black Tree Design (BTD), Aventine Miniatures (shields only) and Wargames Factory figures. I used Little Big Men transfers for the hoplite shield designs. This was my first full WAB army and it preformed better than I hoped. I tried to stay true to proper greek tactics and found that worked out pretty well for me. This army was also featured in Wargames Illustrated.

whole army laid out on my work area

Hoplites [BTD] and Peltasts [Gorgon]