Monday, January 30, 2012

Charity Auction Cathayan Ogre [WHFB]

Another (much more recent) figure I did for a charity auction ran by the Warhammer Forum.  I wanted to create a Cathayan Themed model that could be ran as a Maneater or real sexy unit champ. In this case I wanted the conversions to not be over the top and more natural.  I also went for a more (As far as style in relation to how I paint Ogres) blended skin tone, still leaving some heavy contrast to bring out some of figure muscle tone. Also, I am really pleased with the rust effects I achieved. 

One of the first...

...things I did was give the model some height by adding some plastic shims to each leg.  I also (borrowing the look from a character from the Ninja Scroll anime) gave him some wooden lift shoes.  I decided to keep the pointy ogre shoes as it worked for the look I was going for. I also worked out the pose with his Cathayan Longsword at this point. 

Ready for paint.  I used fur boot toppings to cover his lift job. Hilt is thick thread wrapped, more fitting for an asian themed weapon. Papasan hat is a shield with green stuff to look like thatch.

Here you can see where I added some pouches to balance the figure a bit...

I was on this kick of adding a yoke/suspenders thing to all my ogres, so he gets the same treatment. Ring is a bit from the jewelry section @ Michael's. Mind you, I have no idea why I put a butt plate on him, but I suppose it works.

All done...

Thanks for looking


  1. This guy looks great, I've always really like Asian themed ogres.

  2. The butt plate is interesting, for an Ogre that is probably an important oriface.