Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Imperial Guard Roughriders [WH40K]

Another commission. Goal was to make IG roughriders that didn't look like Cossacks, just saying...

1/2 the squad... I am especially pleased with how the Sergeant and Vox Caster figures turned out. I wanted to make the hunting lances look like they could actually be practicable, as in they would be broken down somehow to carry when you weren't trying to shove them in an orifice of a ork tank during a charge.  You can see the lances in the broken down configuration on the Command figures.  I try to add a lot of detail that makes sense, for example the 2nd figure from the right has a grenade launcher stowed in his kit and has the appropriate ammo slung also. IMHO, consistent detail that is not over the top wins every time. 

Different View of Sergeant.  I gave the reins a go, they are strip plasticard.  The horses were specified by the client and are WHFB Imperial outrider steeds.  They work pretty well, but I think the reins are not well sculpted.  If I were to do this again I would probably get ebob or the like for the horses.  You can see where I did the legs on all the riders. 

More detail of the CMD figs, detail on the Vox Caster. Antenna is brass wire, headset wire is floral wire

crappy picture of the rest of the squad... 

And all the ladz together.  Thanks for looking.


  1. These look great. I'm super excited you started this blog and I found it, I used to love looking at your armies in person back when GW still ran the GTs.

  2. Thanks... Those were the days [deep sigh...]

  3. They look awesome. Where did the horses come from?

  4. Thanks, the horses are from GW WHFB Plastic Empire Pistoleers/Outrider. They have a nice size to them.