Sunday, January 15, 2012

Orgyn Sized Chimera [WH40K]

A commission piece. Goal was an "IG Chimera that could actually carry 5 Ogryn".  This was a ton of fun to do (I love 40K Vehicles). I think it turned out pretty solid...

Concept Sketch that I sent to the client for approval.  For any large (or $$$) commission I will work up sketches in order ensure the client and I are on the same sheet, so to speak... Notice I will double up the tracks to give it a wider stance to counter the increased height.

WIP Level one...

WIP level One, Back Hatch Detail... Had to make the ramp Ogryn sized, of course.  Rivets are cut plastic rods (very tedious, but works well. 

WIP Level One, Remodeled Turret base detail.

WIP Level Two, Sponsons added and Turret Mantel added.  I beefed up the Multilaser  over the weak girly one that came with the model. The Ripper gun barrels are made from IG Grenade Launchers.  Lots of Rivets to go, sigh...

Level Two...
Level Two...
All finished. The commander is from the Baneblade kit, He is intended to be a Commissar (to keep the Ogryn in line...).  Spliced 2 dozer blades together to get the proper size, etc. My favorite parts are the "command tower" with the antenna bit near it.  And yes, the turret can traverse side to side. 

Thanks for looking, give it a go!


  1. Very nice. I think that my favorite detail is the ripper gun firing ports. Nice touch.

  2. Love this conversion. Very nice job!

  3. I saw something similar to this at Astronomi-con Vancouver. Jason Dyer built it. I don't know if he doubled up the tracks but I played against it and the ogryns that year in the tournament.

  4. Thanks! This is a couple of years old... I like hoe the double tracks give it some mass.