Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lost and the Damned | Great UnClean One and Spawn [WH40K]

Here are some more shots from my LATD Army.  

One of my 2 HQ choices.  I was on a "Akira" kick at the time. I wanted to really make it look like the Blood Angel was having a bad day. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Road to Adepticon 2012 | Almohad Berbers Pt. II [WAB]

As some of you know, for some crazy reason I decided to go back to school for a Graphic Design degree while working full time. So this May I finish up, whew.  I will keep updates, etc. as best I can... I usually sneak in an hour of hobby time here and there so I can stay on schedule for Adepticon.

So, part II...  Here are the Christian Spanish Guard [using Musketeer Armored Arab infantry as explained in Part I] spearmen, about 75% done... They have been dipped [well brushed, I do not like the whole pliers/slinging experience, ended up tossing a spearmen across my really, that happened] and matt sprayed. I painted most of their hair/beards grey to show their veteran status. Next is highlighting/cleaning up, Shield Decals from LBM, painting the flags and bases... about 2-3 hours +/-.

I made all the banners out of green stuff, pretty much follow PPC's guide.  I do hang the flags to cure at an angle to look like they are in the wind and I did all the infantry banners at once they all have the same look and direction, helps unify the army... I tried Little Big Men Flags, which are gorgeous, but I just can't seem to get them to work right, sigh...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lost and the Damned | Basilisk Battery [WH40K]

Even more old stuff, from my Lost and the Damned army.  Basilisk Battery consisting of 2 Basilisks and Ammo Carrier. Barrels are Brass tubing, Gun shields are Forgeworld.  The rest is me not knowing when to quit. A bit heavy handed on the paint, but that was how I rolled in those days... Banners are my favorite bit, along with the ammo carrier.

The Road to Adepticon 2012 | Almohad Berbers Pt. I [WAB]

For this years Adepticon WAB tournament I am going to run North African Berbers using the new Armies of Antiquity [AoA] army list.  AoA is a valiant attempt to cross level points across the range of armies available and does a decent job of introducing armies that have not been covered before.  With a soon to be published errata it will be, IMHO, what future WAB events will be run out of.  Points are structured differently, so a 2800 point AoA equals for the most part a 2000 WAB army from one of the several older published supplements.  All the Berber units and Guard spearmen will be Musketeer figures [a nice hefty 28mm and easy to paint... I do have a lot of models to do], the balance will be Crusader models.

My "final' list for the Adepticon WAB singles tournament:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Okay, I'll see your Crusaders and raise you 96 Berbers [WAB]

After a taunt from PsychosisPC I feel the need to respond. A bit of background, we are both preparing forces for a very large Warhammer Ancient Battles game at Adepticon this year. PPC is on the crusader side, and I am the Captain of "Team Saracen".  All in all, there will be 7500+ points a side rumbling, putting Kingdom of Heaven to shame. With a jab, PPC posted a couple of pics of, like 4 or 5 knights and a spearman WIP. Well, in response, I present 96 (4 units of 24) Berbers finished and in the Cabinet. I did the painting over the last 4 weeks in my "spare" time.  Cleaning. etc was additional time. All figures in this batch are from Musketeer Miniatures (as is 90% of the army).  Still to go... More Spearmen, Cavalry, and some Christian allies.  This block was, IMHO, the hard part... 

Here is core of my berber army (the berber units are to the front, behind them are my Saxons...) in my case. I will shoot some better shots this weekend and do a proper Army Build Blog.  

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lost and the Damned | Traitor Guard [WH40K]

From my LATD army. For the traitor guard I used Space Marine and CSM heads with the rebreathers to give them a nurgley/chem dog look.  Really easy conversion that didi not cost a lot to pull off. I sculpted Nurgle Symbols on all the shoulder pads, etc. To "chaos-up" the Lascannons, I used the gun shields from a  Chaos Defiler.  Bubbles on the bases are made with black plastic 1/2 beads [doll eyes] from a craft store.

Thanks for looking.