Sunday, March 11, 2012

Empire Ogres [WHFB]

Between work and my capstone graphic design course, I haven't been up to anything new this week. So here is the first one of two large conversion projects I did for a client a while back to fill in this week...

The project was for 4 Empire themed Ironguts...

 After some correspondence with my client, I began to work out the general layout of the unit. You can see I have already made them taller with some pinning and shin inserts.

A little farther along.... weapons will be swapped out, need them to get the hands right.

I tried cocktail skewer sword first, and although accurate, they just look weedy, so they have to go for some proper ogre steel... 

Close up of the finished models, you cane see the new blades. Swords are made from sheet plastic. This was a very involved conversion for me, but I learned a lot doing it and the client loved 'em. 

More finished shots. I used brown stuff for the armor plates, etc. Keeps a crisper edge. You can see the hammer I sculpted for the banner and the champions breastplate. 

From behind, showing the detail on the shirts and boots.  Lots of empire bits help set the theme. 

Champion with his BroStash... 

Standard Bearer

Ogre # 1 

and Ogre #2 

Thanks for looking!


  1. Very nice. Even though I don't play ogres I think the conversions are always top notch. I love all the detail on the models.

  2. These are brilliant. Using the beads for the pommels is an excellent idea - one I may have to steal...

  3. Steal away... Thanks for the kind words