Friday, March 2, 2012

Okay, now here is some really old stuff...

Joining in the theme...

Circa 1994 or so...These are the earliest conversions of mine that I have pictures of.  Was for WHFB V2 or 3, I forget.  The entire worm thing is putty. The rider is a (now OOP) Nurgle Palanquin bit.

And here is a Nurgle Chariot from the same time frame. Yes, that is a Heroquest chaos warrior. Back then I had a lot more time than cash, so conversions were the order of the day (and still are...).  Check out the retro plant things. Good times, good times.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Yep that is definitely old stuff. The worm rider Palanquin is definitely cool. Now I see the evolution of your paint style also.

  2. not that much different to what I do now...

  3. Neat stuff, I keep a few of my earliest models around as well.

  4. Your old style here eclipses my newer style by a wide margin - love to see the evolution thanks for sharing. Added you to my blog list!

  5. Man, those are way oldschool. I've never even seen those before! Awesome stuff.