Monday, April 30, 2012

Adepticon Part I: The Crusades Game [WAB]

Sorry for the delay, had to work (Day-Job and Homework) all weekend. Here are a load of shots from the Friday Night Border Princes Game at Adepticon.

Team Crusader: Shawn (PPC), Jerrod, Merle, and Nostromo (Team Captain).
Team Saracen: Kevin Bruins, RichN, Pat aka SoCalWarhammer, and myself (Team Captain). 

Note: Okay, I do actually know how to take pictures. Yes, the color on pics is all over the place, because some ya-hoo (aka me) had the color balance set to custom for studio work.  I will have fixed this for Sat and Sunday's picks. 

Note 2: I had some vision of taking a bunch of organized shots, but that faded away in the heat of dice, laughter (and beer), and scowling (and beer). 

BLUF: Saracen victory by one battle point (!) due in no small part to the leadership of the Team Captain, well maybe not so much on that one (my army was expended holding off 6 (!) knight units so my team mates could go grab BPs).  Rich created 3 linked/simultaneous scenarios that were both challenging and fun. 

Saracen Hero(s) of the game: Naffatun, 'nuff said.  Hard to kill people when you are on fire...


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Adepticon Back Brief coming soon... [WAB]

Had a great time at Adepticon, played WAB for 3 days [Fri: Crusades Game, Sat: WAB Singles, and Sun: WAB Doubles] and caught up with some old friends. I will have a report with pictures up for each day shortly. 

Will my Ghulams hold the Flank? 

Friday, April 20, 2012

road to Adepticon 2012 | Part VII Road Trip!... [WAB]

All finished and ready to go.  Here are some (craptastic) pics of the Caliphate Army.  IMHO, not bad for being painted from December to now.  Better Shots and some Bat Reps after this weekend.  Cheers!

My Singles Army. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Road to Adepticon 2012 | Part VI 2-hour Camels... [WAB]

Without a doubt the most rushed job I have ever done, 2 hours primer to dip... Whew.  Need them for the Big Crusades game on Friday... Finished Naffatun and finishing basing on everything (aside from the shiny camels below).  Singles force complete, well almost.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Road to Adepticon 2012 | Part V the Naffatun arrive! [WAB]

Well, The Musketeer Naffatun I ordered last Friday arrived today from the UK, not bad for shipping speed. Always great service from GB (who handle musketeer shipping)
Here they are awaiting Primer.  I will play these as 2 units of 5 models.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Road to Adepticon 2012 | Abbasid Caliphate Pt. III [WAB]

Well... Not much on miniature photos (my basement area is a multi-tasking mess right now between school and miniatures, no time to set up to shoot pictures, sigh, my time is really that tight), but some movement on my Adepticon Army regardless.

What a flipping mess, makes me itch...