Monday, April 30, 2012

Adepticon Part I: The Crusades Game [WAB]

Sorry for the delay, had to work (Day-Job and Homework) all weekend. Here are a load of shots from the Friday Night Border Princes Game at Adepticon.

Team Crusader: Shawn (PPC), Jerrod, Merle, and Nostromo (Team Captain).
Team Saracen: Kevin Bruins, RichN, Pat aka SoCalWarhammer, and myself (Team Captain). 

Note: Okay, I do actually know how to take pictures. Yes, the color on pics is all over the place, because some ya-hoo (aka me) had the color balance set to custom for studio work.  I will have fixed this for Sat and Sunday's picks. 

Note 2: I had some vision of taking a bunch of organized shots, but that faded away in the heat of dice, laughter (and beer), and scowling (and beer). 

BLUF: Saracen victory by one battle point (!) due in no small part to the leadership of the Team Captain, well maybe not so much on that one (my army was expended holding off 6 (!) knight units so my team mates could go grab BPs).  Rich created 3 linked/simultaneous scenarios that were both challenging and fun. 

Saracen Hero(s) of the game: Naffatun, 'nuff said.  Hard to kill people when you are on fire...


"Guilty" Rich deploying...

Saracen Battle Line

And look at all the Knights... Team Crusader on line.

Saracen deployment on the left flank... 

And we're off

Jocking units for charges

Most of my Caliphate looking at the Gazillion Knights that are headed my way...

My line holds for now...  In fact I am winning these fights at this point. 

Kevin in the chess match that was our right flank. 

Mid-Game action... 

Uh oh....

Matt is thinking...

The mess in the center.  The Crusaders pulled a fast one and let us grab the objective. The Naffatun actually caused most of the Crusader center to panic and will lead to... 

The Death of (Nostromo's) King Richard.  My Turc. Cav (which I ran across the table to cause trouble) will charge the fleeing unit in front of them and destroying both them and the fleeing King Richard.  Now all this was sheer luck (or bad luck)

Without a doubt, this was an absolute blast!  Next year's Friday Big Game will be... 

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  1. Yea the LaCrosse contingent of the Crusader forces, Jerrod / Matt / and myself stuggled with breaking through. At least part of Jerrod's plan worked, give the Saracens beer. I almost made it through in time to help out Aaron and Merle.

    That picture of Rich is classic.

    Great fun.