Thursday, August 30, 2012

Aun'Va | Completed [WH40K]

Aun'Va and Guards completed.  I was really pleased with this project (as was the client). I tend to convert and paint armies and not spend this kind of time on single figures.  I was able to work on several painting techniques I do not normally use (when painting en-masse).  Commission work is a great opportunity to stretch your boundaries both with technique and subjects.

 Here is the team on their display base.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Aun'Va | WIP 2 [40K]

Well, as I stated before I'm not great at WIP shots.  At this point we have moved quite a bit forward...

 Base layer of stone texture applied (yes, that is a lot of GS, but I was able to stretch it out pretty thinly)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Game Table WIP [15-28mm]

Unless it is for a commission, I am terrible at taking WIP shots. So after a ton of work, here is where I am at with my first attempt at modular terrain.  Intent is for an arid region [Mediterranean, Asian, African, etc.]. On hold for finishing until more static grass arrives for woodland scenics.  Will add some tuft grass and seal it afterwards.  Still need to make 2-4 woods stands and base up this Grendel Greek temple I have and should be finished.

I learned a lot doing this one, next I will make some 2' X 2' sections for a FOW table, however those will be more generic European in nature.  Please excuse the messy man-cave, son moved out to college and much moving is afoot :). 

There are six 2' X 4' panels that can be arranged in quite a few configurations. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Aun'VA | WIP1 [40K]

An oldie that I haven't shown in detail yet. This was a pretty involved commission project of the Tau special character Aun'Va and his Guards.  Client wanted a display base as well as the ability to use the pieces in game play.

Concept sketch based on several emails with the client.  Aun'Va (in his Farscape looking floating throne thing) will be on a raised platform with his guards lower in relation to him. Setting will be an over grown, ancient temple.