Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nurgle Daemons | Chicago GT [WHFB]

Started to shoot pictures of My Chicago GT Army, and realized I had this shot (courtesy of the GW photographers on site) of the Army already.  Army list was pretty hard IMHO, I placed 5th (IIRC) and won Player's choice and 2nd in Appearance (to Shawn Welte's incredible Khorne daemons).  I am particularly pleased with Epidemus and all the Heralds. 

Thanks for looking...


  1. Awesome stuff. I wish you posted more!

    Have you done anything with historical figs? AWI or ACW?



  2. Excellent army. I like the overall 'flesh & rust': refreshing (if that can ever be applied to nurgle) from the more common green.

  3. Thanks!

    @Dave: I have posted some of my historical stuff on the BLOG. Some WIP Agincourt English coming soon though. No AWI or ACW (well yet...)

    @LF: I was really influenced by the Silent Hill video games (and movie for that matter...).

  4. Excellent army indeed!
    Always love seeing stuff from you.
    Congrats on placing 5th and 2nd.

  5. Michael:

    Wow - these are fantastic - the photography does them justice too. Best, Dean

  6. Thanks. i cannot claim the photography, the GW photographer shot the army for an online army feature for the GT. As I said, this are a few years old. i am trying get my blog "up to date"...

  7. Just seeing this stuff again makes me smile from ear to ear!

  8. Loved this army, very inspirational!