Friday, October 5, 2012

Medieval English | Muster the troops! [WAB]

Have finally assembled the figures for my Adepticon WAB singles army. I am rolling with Medieval English. I patterned the army after the British at Agincourt. The accuracy falls apart a little bit as I decided to build an allied unit of low-country pikemen.  The Jury is still out on them, I may build a unit of British spear or halberdmen instead to make the army more cohesive (and more accurate...)

I used Perry Bros for the army.  They are gorgeous and very dynamic. Bases are magnetic and made by Shogun Miniatures , they will make custom bases and movement trays at a very reasonable cost with a quick turnaround time. For example, I based all the archers on 20mmX30mm bases to depict open order.

Army List [as it stands now]:


16 Dismounted Knights [+Gen/ASB]
18 Dismounted Knights

18 Seasoned Archers [Stubborn|Stakes]
18 Seasoned Archers [Stubborn|Stakes]
18 Seasoned Archers [Stubborn|Stakes]
16 Archers

24 Low Country Pike

Thats a lot of lead...

Love the Perrys...

BTW, sorry for lack of posts. Been busy with work and working on terrain [building trees, etc. for the WAB at WaaghPaca tournament in Jan]. 

Thanks for looking


  1. Looks like a pretty potent army. We have a few folks here locally with English HYW armies. They usually do pretty well. Best, Dean

  2. That is a lot of lead. My Romans tell me that they do not like that army and lead should be used for pipes. Look forward to seeing the finished product.

  3. I have also pointed out (and shelled out for) another unit of "regular" british archers which I can afford by dropping the Stubborn on all the archers units. I am leaning towards this as I think 5 stubborn units (the knights are also, which makes sense to me) is a bit much. As the veterans will more than likely be behind stakes which negates the scary fist charge, etc...