Sunday, October 28, 2012

A little Papa Nurgle for Lost in the Warp

As published in James Craig's Lost in the Warp Blog...

 A short while back I was approached by James Craig to join with in with Shawn Welte [The Madhouse Workshop] to do a crossover project involving Chaos Beastmen. I was honored to be asked by these two extremely talented hobbyists and agreed to donate a model to the "cause". I've known James for quite awhile and Shawn even longer (we're the "Grumpy Old Coots" in double tournaments).  Anyhooo...

James wanted a Nurgle Themed Beastmen and I just happened to have a Nurgle Minotaur conversion that was...
...languishing unfinished in the WIP cabinet needing to be completed

Yes, I have a WIP cabinet...sigh 

 The model is based off the now OOP metal GW Minotaur Lord:
The Stock model... Please note that I stole this picture from the internet
As I was unhappy with the lame a** " 'ere we go pose". [GW often picks the most asinine poses for their models]; I reworked the arms by rotating and pinning the arms in a more enraged pose. Combining a subtle shift in the models attitude by placing the lead leg on an elevation with the reposed arms gives the figure a more dominate and active presentation [Can you tell I am a Graphic Designer :)]:

 After that, the rest was pretty straight forward nurgleness conversion.  Boils, tenticles, etc.

The Finished Model:

What is more Nurgly than Cleavers?

 I can't wait to see Jame's paint on it!

As always, thanks for looking...


  1. Fantastic conversion work, Mike. I see you and Psych PC are doing the same project. Best, Dean

  2. You have to have cleavers! This was fun. James definitely has some work cut out for him.

  3. Indeed! I wouldn't mind doing that again.

  4. Im working on the whole group at once but I wouldnt be the least bit surprised if this is the one I focus in on finishing first. I cant wait to get at that gut!