Sunday, January 27, 2013

No rest for the wicked....

Between switching jobs, traveling out of state [...again all next week] for training for new job, and a dreadfully nurglish flu that I am just getting before getting on the road again; there has been little time for hobby photos and posting. All is not lost...I have managed to get somethings done.

I managed to finally organize a terrain building space in the "dexter room" in the basement.  Notice the big pile of 28mm trees I am working on and...

... I cleaned up my display case too... Getting crowed in there!

...and some progress on my Agincourt era British for Adepticon . All units based, textured, and primered. Was also able to do a test treatment with a furniture stain.  I am trying something new vs. the way over priced Army Painter dips. I like the way this worked, when flat sprayed and highlighted I think it will work just fine.

As always, thanks for looking


  1. Cool looking workshop and display, Michael. Best wishes on your upcoming travels - hope you've taken a few sprays of Zicam already. Nice archer - BTW, I've never tried Army Painter, but have used Minwax Tudor Satin (polyurethane) with good results - still do. Best, Dean

  2. You're the fan of nurgle. I've actually taught a couple of the Green Bay guys how to use Minwax, even though I don't use it. Now if I was doing a complete army of tomb king skeletons like one of the guys was, I probably would. It actually works quite well if you highlight it.

  3. Hah, guess that's what I get for being a Nurgle Fanboy. I agree on the Minwax, it'll work for what I want to accomplish with the brits, will cut my work time in half, even with the highlighting.