Monday, February 18, 2013

Uhh... | WHFB

After playing WAB for the first time in years, I found that an all Nurgle Daemon is pretty nerfed in the new rules set. Gone are the glory days of 3 Heralds and Epidemus wrecking havoc [or getting owned; rock-paper-scissors most of the time...].  In order to field a viable 1000 point army for Da Snotling this upcoming weekend, I will have to field some units as other Daemonic figures.  After finding out that a level one Nurgle Herald Caster is pretty much useless on his own, I decided to go with a Tzeentch herald [with some kit] instead. Lacking a suitable model [a flying palanquin is kind a silly], I built and painted this model up this weekend.  Lacking a plan...

Hey you!

... I went to my bits bins and grabbed a bunch of parts and started messing around. Eventually this idea formed and off I went. Wings are a "Shrinky-Dink" like product I picked up a to make wings for some nurgly furies years ago; works okay here. I really wish someone would make some proper insect wings in clear plastic/resin. After I pinned up the ogre, it went together pretty quickly. Insect legs are from BFSP goblin spiders [they are a gift that just keeps on giving]. I figure I can always you this bugger as spawn or the ilk down the road. 

I like the pose on the insect legs, they open up the figure...

Used a spare  "empty" Nurgle 50mm base from my Daemonic Legion Army. 

Segmented bits were a snap with a clay shaper tool, nice organic look

I really wish the wings were better, but they will have to do.

Stinger bit is version II, the original version was a little too suggestive.
[I would never hear the end of it from Hastings... No really, I never would]

Back from the dead for a another go round as a seeker chariot. 
Thanks for looking


  1. Michael:

    Cool looking figure; amazing painting as always. Dean

  2. Nice flying Herald. A friend has a whole pile of Nurgle Knights on flies (converted from Skull Pass spiders), which are yet to get convincing wings. He too would have been all over resin or clear plastic wings if such a thing were available. What you've done here looks good, though.

    As for what is possible with the Daemon book, I wouldn't worry too much about that. In a few weeks there will be a new book...

  3. Thanks! Haven't done a Fantasy model for myself in a long time. Since Ogres aren't horrible any more, i really thinking on making a new ogre army... Will enlist some help on list design (I am a little out of touch on what works in WHFB V8). Thinking Chaos or Cathay.

  4. Good looking stuff. Love the the stinger.

  5. Much as I would love to see Cathayan Ogres, I'm afraid many newer players wouldn't get it. GW hasn't referred to Cathay in some time. No love for Nippon either.

    Man, now I'm thinking of finally starting up my samurai space marine army. My "Spirit Dragons" won a White Dwarf contest years ago (might even have been pre-Brushworks days) and I've got a certificate from the "Inquisition" (signed by a bunch of GW management calling themselves "The High Lords of Terra") cerifying that the chapter was free of taint. Funny thing was, the concept model I did for them is still the only model ever done for that army.

    Glad to see you're still producing some awe-inspiring models. Always been a huge fan.

  6. Thanks Kelly,
    Really been into ancients as time will allow lately, but I really had a great time playing in the 1000 point event last weekend.
    I remember that contest and the chapter you designed. You should make them. A Pre Heresy version would be cool. I agree that the younger group might not get Cathay; I have wanted to do an Asian army for a long time (even did a bunch of Asian themed ogres as a commission years ago, so I have something to go off of) and I have a few ideas for "showpiece" units that should be a hoot. Pagoda's, Fireworks, Smoke, Fans, Bamboo, etc. Heck, there may be a giant panda in there somewhere :).

  7. Tell you what, if you start a Cathayn ogres army, I'll start my samurai space marine army at the same time. We'll both post updates and progress reports on our respective blogs, and make it a challenge of some sort. Now, I'm a horrendously slow painter, and have no where near the conversion skills you do, but since marines are easier to work with, it may even out the odds.

    Your ideas for Cathay sound awesome. Would love to see it done. Closest thing I did was a unit of ogres for a friend... Used a chinese dragon tattoo design for the banner, and again as a shoulder tattoo for the champion. If you like, I can see if I have some pics on my hard drive somewhere.

  8. Deal! Probably won't be till May-June, as I have to clear out the que. We can run a cross blog challenge :).

    Picked up the New Daemons Book, need to build about three units (Build a new GUO, some Plague Drones, and 2-3 units of Furies) to bring my Nurgle Army up to speed with the new rules. They seem fun, but time will tell.

    1. Uh oh... what have I done? Well, I've been thinking about doing this army for some time now... I guess it's time to put up or shut up.

      Step 1: Gather all my reference materials. Seeing as I'm a samurai history "enthusiast", I've got a few boxes of books to dig out of storage and start sifting through for inspiration and reference.

      Step 2: Go through my unpainted marine models and bitz boxes, and start planning my projects.

      Step 3: Cheat like crazy to have a chance of keeping up with you!

      Y'know, if there's anyone else with an unrequited passion for mixing GW intellectual property with asian history (or even modern asian culture... anime perhaps?) and a blog, I'd be open to sharing the fun. That way, I won't be the only one to get my ass beat by someone whose work has been featured in White Dwarf more times than Michael Jordan's been mentioned in Sports Illustrated.

      I'll also have to check out the new Daemons... although I'm a bit leery of getting sidetracked by Slaanesh...

    2. Challenge was probably the wrong word, but it works, egging each other on is more like it.

      1. Back when I was stationed in Germany, I used to game with a lot of German Players, getting together once a month or so. We would push ourselves to make unique conversions, etc. to wow each other. sigh... good times.

      2. My research will more than likely be more along the lines of "Big-Trouble in Little China", "Ninja Scroll", and the ilk as I am going for the mythic feel of Cathy (read China) vs. historical accuracy. I will need some references for war machines and the like, for ideas for leadbelchers and the crazy big cannon thing.

      Thanks for the kind words.

    3. and BTW, (just took a walk down memory lane on your Blog page and google) your painting skills make we look like a chimp with some crayons...

    4. Despite the untold number of hours I've spent happily working on my own, it's the social aspects of this art form that I really enjoy. I'd much rather paint or convert while sitting around a big table, bs-ing with others, than work in a vacuum. Even the egroup we had while Brushworks was going strong was a daily source of inspiration and motivation for me back then. Without you guys, I would never have gotten as good as I am now. Communicating with all those "superstars" of the hobby taught me that it wasnt some innate quirk that made one a good artist, one was hard work and some knowledge (which anyone could learn).

      I'm looking forward to this. I've got some neglected wip's to finish up in the meantime, but just let me know when you are ready.

    5. One correction, convertions like yours do take SOME sort of innate talent... The ability to envision such imagery and then bringing it to life isn't something that can be taught. Painting is different ... It's the ability to apply learned technique. Conversions require more imagination, although practice at converting does allow the creative juices to flow a bit more freely.