Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Beasts of Nurgle WIP II | WHFB

Back after a short trip to Texas, finally made some more progress.

Went ahead and added a 6th Beast, gives the option of running a big unit of beasts in a bigger game, etc.  Just need to clean up seams and putty up bases.

And from the back... I have also added a "stinger" on the back since I shot the pic.  Pretty happy with the look overall.

Getting ready for primer and paint. There is no way I can paint around all those tentacles.  I didn't cement them in so they would pop out fairly easily.  Here the tentacles are glued to bases for priming and painting. Hmm, they look like one of the sculptures from Beetlejuice (as if anyone gets that reference anymore).

I spent a lot of time bending tentacles (sigh..) so I needed a reference to reassemble them properly. Sooo... I shot pics of each side of each model (really, I did).  I will be able to throw them up on the iPad  to follow when it is time to put them back to together. I will paint the bodies, tentacles, and bases separately. This will make the painting process much faster.

thanks for looking

Monday, June 10, 2013

Beasts of Nurgle WIP I | WHFB

Been a long time since I have posted by step a project as I am working on it [I am endeavoring to do better...]. I am working on updating my Nurgle Daemon army to the new army book.  First in the chute are 5 new Beasts of Nurgle, gives me several options on deployment depending point limits, etc. From my test games with them they are a non-brainer IMHO in a Nurgle Daemon army. My friend, Joe Rogers converted some off of the Plague Drone model and did a smashing job on them.  Before [well you'll have to take my word on it] I saw Joe's I had already ordered the bits to do the same. I  am going into this one seeing where the models take me.


Here I have sawed the drone bodies in half and reposed them to add some height, etc. I used plastic tubing to make a couple taller than the others and then GS'd the missing bits up.  I will clean-up gaps. etc. at the end with liquid GS and smoothing.

From the side.  The poster putty is very handy for posing tests, etc.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Oh the Humanity!...and Hobby ADD

I am working on getting my WHFB groove back. Now that I am playing 8th Ed. for real, it is hard to believe I was actually fairly proficient at this game at one time. Now better way than to play good people, such as Johnny Hastings and Joe Rodgers to back into it. Johnny and Joe post on their website: The Magnificent Bastards.

The blurry picture below is me being schooled by Joe [the Bobby Fisher of WHFB] last week at our local game store.  Point is, I learned more playing Johnny and Joe than by reading and rereading rulebooks, etc. Go out and find somebody better and challenge yourself.

Have a bad case of Hobby ADD right now, Sigh
Ready for airbrushing...

Need to upgrade my options for FOW [the Ferdinands are for a big Kursk game this Fall].   

Have a bad case of Hobby ADD right now, Sigh
Ready for airbrushing...

Sunday, June 2, 2013

All Quiet on the Martian Front

I don't normally buy a game system etc. that is not established; but this game looks to cool not to try.  For not too much money you can get two complete forces, and for a bit more you can go all out.  Good pedigree of designers, etc.  Ends Soon.

FYI, I went for the "Battle of Memphis" level, gives me two pretty large forces.  I can't wait to get my hands on the tripods to convert and re-pose :)

All Quiet on the Martian Front Kickstarter

Hmmmm... You can get your Historical and Sci-Fi groove on. 
Check it out.