Sunday, July 7, 2013

Beasts of Nurgle Finished | WHFB

All done, aside from a movement tray and some Grass Clumps once I figure out what I want to do on all the army. The units also rank up to form a unit of six. Not a 100% pleased on these, but they came out okay.  Will probably go in and glaze the shells to take away the chalky look...

Unit one:

and Unit Two:


  1. I'm liking these! They look great ranked up too. Think a glaze would be the way to go with regards to the shells.

  2. How would these look with the actual arms and heads? I am liking this conversion enough to try it myself.

  3. Thanks!
    @Snake88: The sealant spray I used was almost too Matte. I did go back and rehighlight the tentacles and used a thin black glaze on the shells. I believe part of the issue was the color choice. I think a green/black would have been a better choice now, but I don't really want to mess them up at this point. I'll post a pic of them ranked up too.

    @daKING: Hmmm, I did buy the arm bits to do just that, but decided against it for 2 reasons.
    1. The Drone legs are very straight and and the "feet" looked like little fans when used in this context; they would have required a lot of work to get the look I had in mind vs. the GS tentacles which I knew I could make fairly easily.
    2. I wanted the Beast to look fairly different than the Drones, like they are related, etc. So changing the heads and arms made sense to me.
    That all being said, the conversion was pretty straight forward, etc. I do think you could get the Drone legs to work, you could also look at using tentacles, etc. off of a spawn (or buy as bits..,

  4. @Green Stuff Industries. Just saw your blog, incredible work. Would it be possible to get a tutorial on the ridged tentacles from the Nurgle Rhino? Please :)...

    1. Now that I looked at your site again I see the links for the tectacle maker. I will have to buy one! Thanks

  5. Wow - these look great. I really like the detail work on the bodies as well as tentacles. Best, Dean