Wednesday, August 21, 2013

TAU Mold Line Hades | WH40K


I had forgotten how bad the mold lines are on the (dated IMHO) Tau Fire Warrior Sprues... It is taking me forever to clean them off. I clean one and find two more (Mold line Two Step?) I purchased a scraper from Squadron, it is handy for smaller areas. Trusty hobby knife for the rest.  

Is that a Mold Line or are just glad to see me?
Bases are resin from Battleroad Games. BTW, I did the Masters. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

For the Greater Good | WH40K

Diving into a full army commission for a Tau Army.

Drying after a tedious de-mold release scrubbing.
Notice how empty the older FW sprues look compared to the newer ones. 

Army will include a new style Broadside (sweet), a Riptide (even sweeter!), and a slew of Crisis Suits. Time to get hot for the greater good.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Plague Drones WIP II | WHFB

Back from a wonderful Vacation in South Dakota with my better half; time to get cracking on the Nurgle models I need for the Northstar Tournaments in November.  Got a lot of work done on the Plague Drone riders this past Sunday.... The more I work with this kit, the more I like it. Plan to do another unit of 3 without the long snouts and model the riders with the Death Heads option....

I wanted to give them a heavier looking weapon, used marauder banner poles. The plasticard blades will match the other models in my Army.  I reposed the center rider quite a bit. I used heads from the infantry plaguebearers, I really like the horned one (musician head from plaguebearers set).

I really, really do not like the clear plastic stands, I will conceal the brass rods a bit with branches, etc. from the GW woods set. Still need to add a standard, will more than likely be a back banner on the model on the viewer's left.

Close up... Tongue may have to go though.

I made a fourth model to give me some options for the unit.

All four together...

Thanks for looking.