Monday, August 5, 2013

Plague Drones WIP II | WHFB

Back from a wonderful Vacation in South Dakota with my better half; time to get cracking on the Nurgle models I need for the Northstar Tournaments in November.  Got a lot of work done on the Plague Drone riders this past Sunday.... The more I work with this kit, the more I like it. Plan to do another unit of 3 without the long snouts and model the riders with the Death Heads option....

I wanted to give them a heavier looking weapon, used marauder banner poles. The plasticard blades will match the other models in my Army.  I reposed the center rider quite a bit. I used heads from the infantry plaguebearers, I really like the horned one (musician head from plaguebearers set).

I really, really do not like the clear plastic stands, I will conceal the brass rods a bit with branches, etc. from the GW woods set. Still need to add a standard, will more than likely be a back banner on the model on the viewer's left.

Close up... Tongue may have to go though.

I made a fourth model to give me some options for the unit.

All four together...

Thanks for looking. 


  1. Those look absolutely revolting. In other words, they're perfect! Great work, man!

  2. Very nice :) cool models made better

  3. Good stuff, very awesome looking and they will definitely fit with the rest of your army theme wise.

  4. Wow, these are some fantastic looking models - even for Fantasy. Can't wait to see them after you've painted them up. Dean

  5. I usually haven't liked these with the riders on top, but your weapon additions make them work great!

  6. Thanks! I really like how these turned out. I ended up placing the champ in the front and slightly lowering everything. Banner done and figs are broke down for painting.