Saturday, September 28, 2013

Nurgle Furies 2.0 | WHFB

Changing Channels...

Working on 2 Units for Nurgle Furies for my "update" of my Nurgle Daemon Army.

I feel these are dated as Bell Bottoms, Frankly I paint a lot better now and I want to bring my furies in line aesthetically with the new(ish) Nurgle Plague Drones.

Nurgle Furies 1.0 (circa 2007)

Here is (very WIP) where I am headed. I will do 2 units of these. I had to account for them needing to work 1/2" apart and close order. Still to add Stingers and legs (from Goblin spiders, as in V1.0).  I plan to use the brass rods as before, really no room (or time for that matter) to work in alternatives, such as trees, etc. to suspend the figures. I think it will be fine. 

 Nurgle Furies 2.0 
Thanks for looking

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kurt Knispel Memorial Tournament | FOW

With a rush of painting I finished up the Welsh Guards Armored Recce in time for the Knispel Memorial Tournament on 21 Sept.  Tournament specifics: Late War Tanks! (only one non-armored unit allowed per army), Awards for most Tank Kills as well as over all, etc. Fast paced event, only shot a couple of pictures with my phone.

1IC cowering in the woods to contest the objective...
Achilles laying in wait for the omni present Tigers
Cromwell Platoons getting ready to hit the Kill Box. 
This Event was a blast, I had three great games against Germans, learned a lot on how to run this particular Army (first time using these, a blast to use). Cromwells are really just fast Shermans that look cooler.  Ended up as top allied General and Tallied up 21 Kills.

I really like how these turned out for maybe 20 hours total (box to tabletop). My press-molded Hessian strips worked great, on the board they look just the ones that come on maybe three cromwell turrets in the Army Box set I scored on ebay.

I will shoot some better pics of these lads when I get a little time,

Thanks for looking.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tau Update | WH40K

Added Back Banners on the Squad leaders and Tau Cadre models. I figured the Tau are so practical that they just wouldn't have banner, it would do something else also. The banner top gizmo could be just about anything in the game, I will paint the black bit up as a lens.  I wanted it look like it could close up and retract, etc. Might add a little more detail, but not sure it is necessary. I will give the Crisis Suit Army Commander (he will get 2, as he is the commander), his bodyguard, and all the other Suits the same type of banners. IMHO this will really pull the Army together. 

Banners are Brown Stuff putty, rolled out on a plastic baggy, allowed to set a bit, cut to shape and then draped on some paint brush barrels to fully cure. Easy Peasy, well a bit finicky... I hate paper banners BTW... 

Here is the reworked Kroot Shaper, I did a new cape and found a better weapon for him. 

And now I present to you: the Shaper's Posse. I had forgotten what pain these are to assemble, but they are done. 2 of them have silver (for now) marine shoulder pads will be painted as looted Black Templar armor. My client will get this :).

Will be taking a break on the Tau for a bit to finish up some other projects. 
Next Tau installment, I will show how I go about batch painting units, especially the prep that eases and speeds up the process.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Armored Recce | FOW

Bouncing Back and Forth between TAU, Flames of War, and Nurgle Deamons...

Need to finish these bad boys by the 21st for Late War Tournament @ The Last Square in Madison,
20 tanks [Cromwells, Crusaders, Archers, Stuarts] no infantry.  Will add infantry for Roc-Con in October.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Poor Bloody [TAU] Infantry | WH40K

Made some good progress on the TAU Commission. 90% of the Infantry are assembled and prepped for primering, etc. Without a doubt the most tedious part of the project, but time spent in preparation is paid back in spades when it comes to painting. Bases are resin. Shoulder pads are modified to take a decal for the Sept badge [frankly, I have a very hard time painting the little raised Tau symbols, I learned the hard way 10 years ago...]. I will paint the figures, shoulder pads, and bases separately, which means a whole lot of labeling, etc to get the right Tau on the right base as all figures are pinned into the bases for durability on the game table.

Tau scheme will be a deep red and dark grey with cream/white as the accent color. Lens [lots of them!] will be green for contrast.


Fire Warrior Squad 1: Drone didn't make the picture. Pin on back is for leader's banner, still undecided on style, probably a Samurai type affair with a horizontal pole with some kind of Tau gizmo at the join. These are really old models, but the quality of the design and pose ability still has legs.  Arms are hard to get aligned properly, thank goodness the left shoulder will be covered by a pad [not pictured].

Fire Warrior Squad 2: The guy with the grenade throws like a girl, you can tell.