Monday, October 7, 2013

Nurgle Furies 2.0 WIP | WHFB

Here is some progress on my updated Nurgle Furies.  Used Apoxy Sculpt to flesh out the bodies.

The holes in the side are for legs (from Goblin Spider Rider spiders). I like how the texture on the skin turned out. In hindsight I should have modeled in some gashes, etc. but I think they are fine without them also. Still want to do something with space where the third eye was (I have no idea why GW made it 3X the size of the other 2...), perhaps a little horn or a carapace bit. I am also considering adding a vestigial/unformed 2nd wing to further the emage that these are related (or young versions of) to the Plague Drones.

I will use a similar technique on the last 2 large models I have to do to finish the Nurgle upgrade. More on that later...



  1. Nice progress, can almost hear them buzzing. Don't remember you having lots of skulls on the previous demon's bases.

  2. Thanks all! Appreciate it. Kinda fun getting into doing some non-historicals and converting/building again.

    @PPC, you are correct. As part of the update I am changing up the basing a little on the large based models, it doesn't matter as much on the infantry. I will repaint the oozy part (on the bases) a bit brighter to tie them all together.