Thursday, October 3, 2013

Time to Suit Up | WH40K

Starting work on the Crisis Suits for the Commission Tau Army. This is the fun bit...

Decided to do the Commander first. In an Iridium Suit, his sargear includes Twin linked Fusion Blasters, Multi Tracker, and Fragmentation Launcher. I am a huge fan of WYSIWYG and this army is for a newer player.  I believe it is important that if the model has a multi tracker is on the figure. For a new player, it is very helpful to be able to look at the model and know what is has instead of having to refer to your army list.  With no real plan but WYSIWYG in mind, this were I went. The bands (which won't look so huge when everything is the same color) and spare larger shoulders from the Broadside Kit represent the armor upgrade to Iridium armor. which would be apparent when next a normal Crisis Suit. I love double wepaons (back from Battletech days and the Warhammer Mech...), so that worked well and obvious. I thought about combining the two weapons, but it was too awkward. I made a new head from parts left over from the Broadside Kit. The multitracker is a stock bit. I used spare missile bits on the shoulders to represent the Frag Launchers (I will repeat those on the other couple suits that will have them.).  I also reposed the left leg to make the suit stepping forward. Lot of clean-up and never ending mold lines (these older kits are absolutely terrible, its like the mold lines grow back, I swear they do). Next-up, the 2 Bodyguard suits...

Broadside Suit in progress. I really did not like the whole giant infantryman holding a rifle vibe the stock kit had, so...made a short barreled version of the railgun by mashing the pod arms and railgun barrels and, of course, made a matched set to carry on the theme. 

Made a new, larger head vs. the 3 various pea sized heads that come with the kit (you'll see those on some Crisis Suits as they are the same size). Not sure if it will end up with right arm on the side or up in the John Woo shooter pose (second picture). Kit is much bulkier, many parts are left off to accommodate painting. 

Will have twin plasma guns on the left shoulder, and the head, multitracker and plasma guns are all in line with left gun, as if they all swivel with the head as it aims. I reposed the left arm to make the straight arm. Clean-up left to do. I like to mash up the model when I am on a roll, and then go back and finalize prep for painting. 

I kinda like the shooter...

Thanks for looking. 


  1. Very cool - I suppose if I didn't start with Space Marines, Tau would be a great option. Robots! :) Best, Dean