Butcher for Hire...

I am currently available to take on conversion commission work. I specialize in converting characters, units, and even entire armies.  I am well known for thoughtful and well thought out conversions that stand out on the table top.

Sorry, I cannot post a "price menu" as each job is unique and will require different amounts of time/materials to complete.

If you have a special project in mind, feel free to contact me with it and I can give you an estimate.

Below are links to some of my more "conversion heavy" work that I have posted on the Butcher's Bill.  If nothing else, check out the Ogryn scaled Chimera link to get an idea of what I could do with your vision.

I much prefer to do conversion work and leave the painting to you, but I do take painting jobs on occasion, such as the Aun'Va and the Navajo Warband projects.

as always, thanks for looking...


Aun'Va | TAU

Broadside Battlesuits | TAU

Lost and the Damned Big Muties

Lost and the Damned Basilisk Battery

Lost and the Damned Traitor Guard

IG Roughriders

Ogryn sized Chimera Transport | OG


Nurgle Daemons

Warhammer Empire themed Giant [Captian Morgan]

Warhammer Empire themed Ogre Ironguts

Charity Auction Ogre

Khorne Ogres

Even More Ogres


Ork and Goblin Shaman


Navajo Warband | 28mm